Monday, December 17, 2007

Ooops.... cat hat

I just realized I haven't blogged the previous hat I made for Maja.... oooops.... so I thought I'd at least share a picture.

About a year ago, Maja really wanted a pussycat-hat. With ears and fur..... so I made her one. I can't remember how anymore though.... This hat has been used LOADS! I think it's the only hat she's used since I made it.


Ravenhill said...

This hat is just so cute! You must get stopped all the time with comments about it! Did you design it yourself?

Tonje said...

Thanks ravenhill. I do get a lot of comments from people I meet about this hat. Everyone thinks it's very cute and funny.

Yes, I designed it myself. I can't really remember how I did it anymore though... should have written it down.