Saturday, December 08, 2007


I've just opened my own Etsy-shop! Yay!! Haven't got a lot in it yet, but I'm working on a few more things, and I'll start for "real" as soon as christmas is over and done with..... I know I should really have had a lot of stuff in there BEFORE christmas so people could buy stuff from me for presents.... but.... achhh.... Anyway, there's a link on the right hand side if you want to go and have a look (and maybe buy something????;) ....)

These are the things I've already put in my shop:

Some Hardanger embroidered Needle books

A green stripy bag

and a childrens fleece hat

2 comments: said...

congratulations on your shop! The hat is adorable! said...

the hat is cute! but the model? Absolutely gorgeous!!!