Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer holiday- at last...

Long time, no see... but now I'm finally in Norway! At my parent's at the moment. Our new place won't be ready until August. I just thought I'd show you a picture of how we've lived the last few weeks... nice, ehh??
Moving house is just too much stress... We've still got a few suitcases in our house in Scotland that I couldn't bring on the plane, so we'll have to go back sometime soon to pick them up.

Before we left for Norway our friends Audrey and James made us a lovely farewell- party. They made great food, and we had lots of fun. They'd decorated a wall in their kitchen with pictures and a beautiful homemade farewell sign. Here we are, the whole family ready to move on....Audrey was such a good help for me the last few weeks, inviting us for dinner (more than once), lending me a travel cot so Susie had somewhere to sleep, popping in for a coffee and a chat (to keep me sane from all the packing...) and of course throwing this lovely party. Thanks Audrey!

We arrived in Norway just in time to catch the last strawberries... yum yum... We spent the beginning of this week up at my parent's cabin at Bortelid. There was a great surprise waiting for us there... new swings for Maja and Susie. They were both sooo thrilled!
We spent four lovely days at the cabin, relaxing, reading, eating and as you can see from the picture, we even did some knitting... (well... one of the persons in this photo didn't knit for real, just borrowed my knitting for the sake of the photo... but it looks quite cosy, don't you think?)
We might go back to the cabin again next week. I must admit it was really good to have time to just sit and do nothing for a wee while...

I'll show you pictures of my knitting soon... I just haven't got round to take photos yet.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another giveaway...

Head over here for a chance to win a great tidy bin. You have until saturday.

Oh... I just love giveaways... I never win anything, but it's still quite exciting.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Awarded and tagged...

I got this award from Lappequri about three weeks ago... My very first award!! Thank you sooo much. It means a lot to me! I'm sorry I haven't blogged it before, but in all the stress of packing up my house and not having my computer (where I made a note to remember to blog about it..) it just kind of slipped my mind...

I guess I have to send it on...

First of all I'd like to send it to my mum. I think she was so brave to start her own blog when she didn't really know that much about internet or computers or anything... well done mum. Keep up the good work!

I would also like to send it to... uhhhmmm... I can't think of any just now that hasn't got this award... It's been around for a while now...

I've also been tagged. This must be about three weeks ago as well... It was Ruth who tagged me, and now I have to write a whole alphabet about myself...

A-Always happy
B- Bilingual
C- Crafty
D- Daughter
E- Eight divided by two= 4 cups of coffee a day...
F- Fair
G- Good friend
H- Honest
I- Iron.... never!! (only when I'm sewing...)
J- Joker
K- Knitter
L- Loving
M- Mother
N- Norwegian
O- Optimistic
P- Pilot's wife
Q- Quilter
R- Renting a house soon
S- Sing a lot
T- Tonje...
U- Useless when it comes to finding a word that starts with "u"
V- Very useless when it comes to finding a word that starts with "v"
W- Wine lover
X- X-mas presents... love them!
Y- Yippeee... almost done!
Z- Zzzzleepy...
Do I have to do the three extra letters in the norwegian alphabet since I'm norwegian...??
Æ- Ærlig
Ø- Øredøvende stille...!? dvs flink til å bråke når jeg skal være stille...
Å- Å, så vanskelig dette var!

I would like to pass this challenge on to:



Anne Marie