Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trades and stuff

I just sent out two envelopes to two different trades today! I have another envelope ready to go out this afternoon or tomorrow as well. So hopefully, I'll get something in the mail again soon... It's sooo exciting.... waiting waiting waiting... and then BANG there they are.... more beautiful cards...

One of the cards I sent out today was this:

I made this one specially for Kim in Saudi Ariabia. I hope she doesn't see it before she gets it... We were doing a trade with a card she saw in my gallery, and then she wanted a cat card as well, so we decided to do a 2:2 trade.... great... I like 2:2 trades because it doesn't cost much more to send two cards than one... so you kind of get more for your money, if you know what I mean..... and I like that.... I'm always on the lookout for a bargain....

I've also been working on these cards:

The image of a triangle with holes in it, is something I started drawing a few years back. I kind of like the floppyness (if there is such a word) of some of these triangles. I made them to experiment with markers on. I'm not quite sure if I like working with markers.... I like the intensity of the colour it gives.... but I think I need to work more on my technique. I don't like the way it makes marks where you overlap the colour.... but I guess working with really cheap markers doesn't really help..... I wonder if more expensive markers are the same??? Hmmm....

Anyway.... that's a bit about what I'm been up to the last few days.... Oh, and my deco..... well.... I started making one, but I think the book I made is a little bit on the small side.... I'd like it to be a little bit bigger.... so I guess that will be my next project.... I hope.....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

More of my recently received ATCs

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to show off a few more of my recently received artist trading cards. I don't think I will put in all the cards I've received until now, maybe just the last few.

I got these two first ones from my new pal, Victoria, in USA. I met her on the ATCards forum, and she's the one that invited me over to the LMAO forum. She is an amazing artist.... sooooo inspiring. This first card is called "View from atop". It was kind of a surprise when I opened the envelope... not what I'd expected... but I LOVE it!! I really do. Maybe even more because it's not what I expected...?

This is the other card Victoria made for me, it's called "South Seas Island Pippi". I think this one is sooo funny. I love the colours, and the composition is great....

The next two is from Marie, also from USA. The first one is called "Race Track" and it has "confetti" cars under acetate (so the cars move if you shake the card....).

And this one is called "Storm".

They are all lovely cards, and I've got many more that I really like. I would really like to show off all of them, but I think that'll be a bit much just now. Tell you what.... I'll make a folder in my Yahoo photoalbum for all my received cards.... when I've done that, I'll post a link to it in my blog. Yay, that's a plan!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I received this ATC in the post today. It's from Leah Felicity in USA. This one is called "Redhead Elf". Isn't she cute?

I traded this ATC through the ATCards forum. It's a great place to trade ATCs, great people and lots of fun.


I decided I wanted to make a deco.... but then I had soooo many questions.... I'm so glad I joined the LMAO group over at Yahoo! I've been bugging them with questions about decos for a couple of days now.....and they have given me great informative answers. What a great bunch of people! I've even had a couple of offers from people that want to work in my deco.... and I haven't even made one yet..... wow!

But why am I so insecure??? There is no right or wrong, really! It's MY deco, and I should be allowed to do with it as I wish. Ok, I'm gonna do it tomorrow!! I'm not gonna ask any more questions until I've tried it out.

I've got a pretty good idea on how I want to make the book itself. Now all I have to do is to decide on a theme for my deco....... hmmmm.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I've just started again

I've just started a journey... or am I just continuing my journey?? I've "rediscovered" art throug a couple of internet groups where I've met a bunch of great people that inspires me to do something creative again. ATC- or Artist Trading Cards is what started this whole process again... It's great!

Where will my journey bring me? I've already joined another group where they not only do ATCs but also decos.... another thing I've never done before but wants to try.....

I read about ATCs in a magazine a couple of months back, and thought it would suit me.... boy, was I right! Didn't know it could become sooooo addictive! Both the process of making the cards in themselves and trading them..... exciting! I love it. I think I spend faaar tooooo much time on the internet, making comments and looking at other ATCs . There is lots of other things I rather should spend my time on.... creating art, playing with my daughter, doing housework, reading books...... I could go on and on....

But.... I must say it feels good to create again. Something was missing, and I've found it.... I can continue my journey. I just wish I was better at drawing.... hmmm.... will have to practice a lot....