Monday, January 30, 2012

Look alike hat for Maja

A couple of months back Maja left her favourite hat at the dentist's waiting room. A week later, when I went to pick it up, it wasn't there anymore. It was just a shop bought pink thing with sequins on it, but she hasn't found a hat that she was happy with since, so I decided to knit her a new one.
I have used Lille Rosin's pattern for the look a like hat from her blog:
(blogger won't let me highlight anything anymore, and that makes it hard to make the link look a bit nicer...) Hope the link works though.
I cast on the same amount of stitches as the pattern said, but didn't increase as many stitches and made the hat a bit smaller than the pattern said, and it fits perfectly! Maja is very pleased, and I don't have a problem with getting her to wear a hat anymore....


Lille Rosin - litt om meg said...

Den ble kjempefin og så flott at den vakre modellen også vil bruke den daglig da.
Hilsen Lille Rosin

Sonja said...

Så fin lue. Nå har Maja og mormor helt lik lue.Håper det er greit. Min er lilla og har en pynteblomst i lilla og rosa på siden. Det er Ruth som har strikket min.

Stephanie said...

So the story has a happy ending - you are very talented! I do wonder what happened to the pink hat though lol xxx

Amy said...

Cute hat! It's so cool that you could just whip her up a replacement for the one she lost!

Maja said...

Det er min lue. den er sååå fin.