Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ice skating

Yesterday was such a nice day, a bit on the cold side, but the sun was shining and there were no wind. So we couldn't waste it being inside all day. I decided to take the girls ice skating. There is fantastic ice at Maja's school.
When we arrived, Susie could hardly move forwards on her own, so I had to push or drag her around the ice. But after watching Maja for about 20 minutes, she suddenly just figured out how to do i herself.... Thought I would show you a little video... this was taken about 25 minutes after arriving at the ice....


So much fun!


Stephanie said...

Awwww bless them - they are much better than me!! We took the kids ice-skating recently & I've never laughed so much in my life :) x

Amy said...

Oh, so cute and they are so good at skating!

Maja said...

Se, jeg er der jo og!!!
Klem fra Meg