Tuesday, November 04, 2008

100th post giveaway!!

This giveaway is now closed!
I have finally reached my 100th post! I guess I'm not the most eager blogger since it has taken me about two and a half years to reach this number.... It has been so much fun all the way from the beginning when I was only blogging about ATCs through family life and now my knitting and sewing. So many of you have been a big inspiration to me... there are so many great blogs and bloggers "out there"...

Anyway... I'd like to celebrate this "milestone" with a little giveaway. I really appreciate all of your comments, questions and support, and I'm happy that you take time to visit me. I think you all deserve a present... but, that would probably ruin me... so one lucky(??) reader will get a little something from me. I've put together a little "winter care packet" (handmade by me) consisting of:

One pair of pocket slippers. To keep your feet warm so you (hopefully) avoid the sniffles. These are really stretchy, so they'll fit most people.

If the slippers can't hold the sniffles away, I've added a travel tissue holder (with tissues)... so at least you can have the sniffles with a bit more style... hmmm....I've also added a couple of small fabric hearts on a string to cheer you up. Hang them on a peg on your wall, on your christmas tree, or as I do, on a couple of candles...(or chuck them in a drawer so you don't have to see them...)

All you have to do to be in the drawing for these things, is to leave me a comment on this post. I would love to hear from everybody... the lurkers as well. I think it is so much fun seeing who visits my blog, and to go visit their blog back. You have until midnight next monday (10th November 08). I will do the draw next tuesday. Make sure I have a way of contacting you in case you win.


Tofo said...

Heisann..du har jammen vært flittig og strikket lommetøfler...og mere til. mye fint du har laget her!
Alltid kjekt å titte innom deg! :)


Gratulerer:-) Stiller meg i køen og håper jeg vinner:-)
Ha en fin uke

Ruth said...

Gratulerer med 100post posten. Det er litt av en gave du har lagd.

Jeg er helt enig med deg. Det er utrolig hvor mange inspirerende menesker det er rundt omkring. Hadde jeg visst det så hadde jeg begynt å blogge for LENGE siden.

Annemariesquilt said...

Gratulerer Tonje, flott at du feirer det med å gi bort en gave. Jeg henger meg selvfølgelig på dette!!
Jeg ønsker deg en flott uke...

2ne said...

Gratulerer :-) Flott side du har, masse spennende og inspirerende. Ha en flott uke

Sonja said...

Flotte gaver du gir bort. At det er en inspirasjon når noen kikker innom og legger igjen en kommentar, er både sikkert og visst. Takk til deg for alle koselige kommentarer.
Ha ei god natt.

Lindas Hus.. said...

Hei Tonje!Gratulerer med jubileum.
Koselig gaver.Ha en fortsatt fin uke.Hilsen Linda :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Tonje! So glad you visited my blog but my arty crafty one is at http://artycrafty.wordpress.com

More interesting than the housework one. lol

Your stuff looks great!
congrats to your 1000th post! wow! I got ages to go for that to happen on my blog! lol

happy crafting - from Debbie Buckland aka Godzoned

toneab said...

Gratulerer med jubileet! Ser innom bloggen din av og til. Fine ting du gir bort :-)

Eileen said...

Tonje, these are beautiful prizes. I'm sure you made the adorable slippers!
Congratulations on your 100th post. It is a lot to keep up with especially when you are moving all about!
thanks always for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments. :-)

sipusa said...

så spennende:-D
Og fin pakke du setter ut da:-D

quiltygal said...

It seems awful to enter a giveaway on my first visit but I jusy found you through Hanne mind you if I win the slippers will have to go in a drawer ( not the hearts) till winter as I cant see myself wanting them when its 100degrees :)

Monica S said...

Hei and hi!

You are bilanguaged.. hehe..
so I'll practice my english while leaving my comment.. since you chose to visit my english version, and left me a comment there.. thanks!!!
Hope you noticed that I have two..?
Anyway.. I have heard of those slippers.. never actually seen a pair.. they are so cute!!!! And that tissue box is really precious! And those hearts!! Ah.. just lovely!! You made all of those things??
If I am not the LUCKY (!!) winner.. I hope you'll share the "recepy" of those slippers.. maybe I can handle making a pair??

I am going to link you.. preferably on the english version??


mreteveian said...

Tenk så mye vi blogger og så stor glede vi har ... og andre får: Her er godt å lese!
Håndsøm er koselig, blir en annen form for "strikking".
Gratulerer :-)

Elisabeth Augusta said...

Tenk om jeg kunne bli den heldige vinneren du...
Jeg syns du har gjort en god jobb med ditt første papirsømsarbeid (det kalles english papaer piecing på fint ;-). Monter som krusbrikke og bruk med stolthet!

Ravenhill said...

Such a sweet care package! What a nice idea! Thank you for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Winner takes i all! he he
Jeg blir med i rekka!
De tøflene var så fine! Jeg ønsker meg oppskriften på dem!

Therese Hidle

Monica S said...


Nå har jeg laget to par!! :-)
Takk for hjelpen min venn!