Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've gotten a couple of awards lately... Yay! I'm so glad that people read and like my blog enough to give me awards. I'm so honoured. Thank you very much - all of you!
First out is this one that I got from Monica S
Monica wrote:
Så vil eg at Tonje skal få ein slik ein... ho har vore kjekk å ha ein del gongar... då ho har budd i eit engelsk-talande land i 9 år, har eg tydd til ho når eg har stått fast. (om det er noko eg har trengt å oversette) Og så har ho vore så snill å gi meg eit godt julegåvetips
(say no more ;-) )!!
Takk Tonje!

A few days ago I got this one from Tofo:

I got these two from Anne Marie... waaayyy back in July... I'm so sorry, Anne Marie, that I haven't blogged them before... I got them in the middle of moving house and not having access to a computer every day... so they kind of got put aside for a while...

Thanks again. I guess I'm supposed to send these on...?? But it's so hard for me to choose just a few to give them to, and a lot of you already have these, so I'll give them to all of you that follow my blog. You all deserve them.


Monica S said...

Isn't it just FUN???? Nice to know you are thought of too!

Have a great week Tonje!


Lindas Hus.. said...

Hei Tonje!Tusen takk for oppskriftene.Ha en fin søndag!
Hilsen Linda :))