Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tourists and a flea market

I just realized that we hadn't been in to see Oslo since we moved here in the beginning of August... so since Maja didn't have to go to school on Friday (they got Friday off since they had to "work" at the charity event on Thursday evening) and hubby was off work on Friday as well, we decided to spend the day as tourists... in Oslo!

So, of course, we had to do all the touristy things like: - take photos in front of pretty fountains,
-Take a picture in front of the Opera house, and walk onto the roof of same house
- lie down and enjoy the sunshine
- take photo with the guard in front of the King's castle
Well, enough of the touristy things... When we took Susie out for a walk in her push chair to get her to sleep on Saturday, we came by a flea market.... Heheyyy.... In we strode to see if we could do a bargain... It's been years, and I mean years (probably a decade or two), since I went to a proper Norwegian flea market. I was a bit apprehensive, bringing this stack of fabric to the lady behind the desk... thinking this will be a fortune (everything is expensive here), but boy was I wrong... Happy happy joy joy... I paid next to nothing for this... Some of the bits are quite small but a couple of these fabrics were huge!
I also found these wall hangers that I'm sure I can use for something.
I've already found use for the blue one. I cross stitched this dream catcher... ehhh... (blush)... five years ago, and I still haven't hung it on the wall. I didn't have a wall hanger for it... All it needs now is some interfacing on the back and it's ready to hang.
Just a detail of the dream catcher. I used beads and metallic thread for effect on it. I can't wait to hang it in my bedroom...


Ruth said...

Så koselig. Jeg får hjemlengsel bare ved synet. For ikke å snakke om skikkelige loppemarkeder. Her er det rokk og regn og kaldt.

Annemariesquilt said...

Heia , dere har jo hatt en flott tur. Det er faktisk gøy å være turist i egen "by" av og til. lykke til med stoffene du fikk kjøpt......

Sonja said...

Endelig har du fått oppheng til drømmefangeren, den er jo så fin at den fortjener en plass på veggen. Loppemarkeder er skikkelig gøy å gå på. Bare så synd at man har fullt opp av lopper selv også, men jeg skjønner at du fant noen fine ting der. Noe du har bruk for. Du er vel allerede i gang med å planlegge hva du skal sy av de fine stoffene. Klem fra Mamma

Sonja said...

Det ligger en utfordring til deg på bloggen min.