Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carrots and mice

I've been baking today. Maja's school was arranging a night for collecting money for this years tv charity event, and everyone was asked to make a cake. I decided on Maja's favourite... carrot cake.
P1 was responsible for selling the things the pupils had made. There was lots of things to choose from... decorated boxes, mints, jam, felted apples... P1 had made mice with a peg inside (for hanging notes...) so I had to have one of those. I bought the one Maja'd made.
Here we have Maja (and her teacher) in action... I think she took great pleasure in "working" in the shop...



Musa var søt:-)
Men gosh kaka di var flott ser ut til at det er skiver av gulrot til pynt?
Genial idee
Ha en fin helg

Eileen said...

Those little carrot roses are adorable! How do you make them? What a beautiful way to decorate a carrot cake!

Annemariesquilt said...

Mmmmm gulerotkake er det beste jeg vet.. Ser ut som om dere har hatt det koselig på skolen, flott mus!

Sonja said...

Det så gøy ut å stå på den butikken. Musa var kjempefin.