Sunday, March 04, 2012

Two new dresses for Barbie

All of a sudden Susie really needed some more clothes for her Barbie dolls. I guess I wasn't really hard to persuade to knit her some... :) We had a look at THIS great web site for something to knit, and Susie picked out quite a few things she wanted....

I started by knitting the dress on the right in the pic (this is pattern no 10 on the web site). I'm not sure about the green "fur", but that was the only furry yarn I could find in my stash. I know I have some other colours somewhere, but I didn't want to spend the entire day looking for it. And Susie really wanted the green trim anyway.... I have knitted the dress in the round, even though the pattern said to knit back and forth... I couldn't be bothered with sewing it together after knitting... The dress is really snug and it fits perfectly!

It was quite a quick knit, so I decided to cast on for a second dress. The one on the left is no 1005 on the web site (wich is Swedish by the way).... I have knitted this one in the round as well, AND I've altered the back by knitting some shaped ribbing for a snugger fit on the doll.

I finished the second dress after Susie went to bed, so I'm quite excited about what she has to say tomorrow morning when she sees it....


Pink Lady68 said...

De ble jo bare kjempefine!!!!
Så flink du er til å strikke:-)
Datteren din blir nok glad og fornøyd imorgen:-)

Klem Laila.

Ruth said...

Gøyalt. Jeg lærte meg faktisk å sy klær jeg - ved å sy klær til Barbien min. Og hun kledde jo veldig strikkekjolen, men så har hun ikke bilringer eller bred bak heller. Det hjelper jo på.

Sonja said...

Det ble jo fine kjoler. Hadde vi hatt sånn fasong kunne du ha strikket til oss også.
Nå er vi hjemme igjen. Hadde en tur innom Kontakten i Vennesla. Det datt jo litt i posen,bla. vevgarn til 15,-kr hespen. Kupp som alltid.