Friday, January 21, 2011

Made in 2010!

After looking through my blogposts for the last year, it looks like all the crafty stuff I've done is making cards... but that's not the case... I guess I've just forgotten to blog about all the other things I've made. Most of my cards are made for some challenge or other, and have to be blogged right away... other things have to wait... but not anymore. Here are some of the things I made in 2010:
Some new outfits for my girls' Barbie dolls. I have made a few more skirts and blouses, but I don't have a photo of them. I found all the patterns HERE somewhere.
Back in March, I knitted some mittens for my mum and for Maja. I also made some for Susie, but they were never shown... but here they are. Susie picked the colours herself, and she has used them a lot.
I've had this white yarn in my stash for ages. I inherited three full balls and two used ones of this when my grandmother died 16 years ago. This yarn must be quite old. It's called Annie, and is made by L/L Hovland Ullvarefabrikk. The factory was dismantled in 1989, so my "guess" is that this yarn is 22 years old... probably older....
After being in my stash for that long, I thought it was about time I used it for something. I decided to knit myself a Dream Shrug. I used this quite a lot over my strappy tops last summer. I have also made one of these for Maja/Susie (they had to share one), but again, no picture.
I'm not sure these frames are worth showing, but here they are anyway. They are made of a piece of cardboard, old newspapers, glue and some acrylic paints.... Quite fun to make actually!
My cheap laundry basket from IKEA was falling apart last summer, so instead of buying a new one I decided to rip off the old plastic basket, keep the frame and sew a new fabric "basket". I love it! (before on the left, after on the right...)
I have also been digging into my stash of beads. I have mostly made knitting markers, but I sold or gave them all away before I managed to take some pictures... silly me! I managed to take some really bad photos of a couple of earrings I made though... I gave these to my hubby to use as a gift in his work's advent calendar.
I started knitting this scarf back in April, but never finished it until November... Scarves are sooo boring to knit! Love the pattern and the colours of this though. I found the pattern for this at Ravelry.
This is a project that took even longer to finish.... I'm not quite sure exactly when I started knitting it, but I know I still lived with my parents... I moved out back in 95.... so it has taken a few... ehm... years to finish. I must say to my defense that it was stuffed away in a basement with all our other stuff in Norway the 8,5 years we lived in Scotland.... but still....
I have also made a reusable, reversible Swiffer cover. I was tired of buying new ones all the time, and this is more environment friendly as well. It's made from acrylic yarn as that tends to create static that makes dust and hair cling. It was fun and easy to crochet, and it works really well. I'm definately going to make more of these! This is also a Ravelry pattern.
The last thing I'm showing is a new dishcloth for my kitchen... Nice and bright colours, 100% cotton. Pattern is HERE.
I think I've already blogged the baby blanket I made for my new niece... didn't I? *opening a new window to check*... Yes I did. (I have made another one of these blankets for a friend at work, but I'll show that later... guess I've shared enough today....).
Well.... that's all folks... as they say in the cartoons... lol...


Turid said...

Så flink du er!
Skikkelig kreativ, og lager veldig mye fint!

Ønsker deg og dine en riktig god helg!
Klem fra Turid;)

Renate said...

OMG så vanvittig kreativ du er! Helt satt ut jeg over så mye lekkert du lager og får til!!

Håper vi kan treffes en dag og scrappe litt om du har tid.

Klem Renate

Sonja said...

Herlighet.....nå tok du pusten fra mor di. Jeg vet jo at du lager forskjellige ting, men hadde glemt at du har gjort alt dette i det siste.
Ja,ja siste..det lappeteppet tror jeg du begynte på i konfirmasjonsalderen eller noe sånt. Men så ble det utrolig fint når det endelig ble ferdig.
Synes du er veldig gavmild også, tenk å lage øredobber som gubben skal gi til andre damer...ha,ha ;)
Snill har du jo alltid vært.