Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving on...

...but not too far... I'm still making small quilted bags, just a different design.
I got the pattern for this lovely make up bag (and for a larger one) from Elna in Norway. Thank you very much! The bag was really easy to sew, but I think maybe I did something wrong with the lining, because it seems to be a bit... not big... but it doesn't really fit... it's all crumpled up, if you know what I mean.... no?? But I'm not giving up... I will try to make another one soon, and maybe do the lining part a bit different.

This is the other side of it. The fabric I used was something I found in a charity shop... I really like the brightness of the colours on this fabric.


Ravenhill said...

What lovely thrifted fabric you found! Whatever you are finding doesn't work on the bag doesn't show on the photos which look great! I am curious as to how you get the cool black background - photoshop?
XX00 Emily

Sonja said...

Kjempefint stoff. Men jeg skjønner ikke hva Du ikke fikk til,det ser helt flott ut på bildet.Gleder meg til å komme.Maja sa i dag at det er bare 4 dager igjen.Hurra.