Monday, April 28, 2008

Two dishcloths

I haven't got much to show you at the moment... I spend the little time I have "off" from children finishing those pink quilted bags (They are almost done now though). I thought I'd break up my posts about those bags with a photo of some dishcloths I knitted before easter. I couldn't show you them at the time I made them as they were going to be presents in my familys annual easter game... where we roll dice and fight over presents.... It's a game my mum invented and it's quite silly... but it is FUN!

The dishcloths are called 4 corners dishcloth, and they are easy and fun to knit! Knitted in 100% cotton.
It was hard to get a decent photo of them, because Susie kept running away with them. I think she wanted them for herself... she kept stroking them and cuddling them...


Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Så fine kluter du har strikket. Artig bilde av den søte lille jenta di som ville ha dem for seg selv :o)

Heather said...

Aw, she is such a sweetie! Your work is so lovely!