Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back again

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much the last 2-3 weeks, I've been away on easter holiday to Norway. The girls and I spent 15 lovely days there even though the trip there was a bit more eventful than I enjoyed.... lots of bad weather, plane being diverted, delays, snowy roads etc made it so we didn't arrive at my parent's cabin until 2am!! We had been travelling since 8.30am (17,5 hours), so we were pretty tired when we arrived.

We spent the next four days at my parent's cabin at Bortelid. As you can see there was plenty of snow there.

Maja even entered a skiing competition on easter saturday. She had been looking forward to that for ages, so it was good fun when it finally happened. She had got new skis and shoes, and although she hadn't been skiing for two years, she did really well. Maja's the one in the yellow chicken hat....

Susie spent most of her time either sleeping (well tucked in) in her push chair, or on her sled. She really enjoyed sledding, and even though she can't speak yet, she mad it clear what she wanted... every time the sled stopped at the bottom of the hill, she just pointed to the cord... meaning she wanted to be pulled back up again...

The rest of the holiday was spent in Kristiansand with my parents. Per managed to join us for a few days as well. First some days up at the cabin and then later on, a few days in Kr.sand.

I din't do much crafting while I was away. Remember that poncho for Maja I planned to take with me?? Well... it was kind of pushed aside by the new shawl I started knitting for myself... I got this lovely yarn as a late birthdaypresent while in Norway, sooo.... let's just say it's always more fun to start something new.... (haven't got a picture of the shawl yet, but will post one later on).

EDIT: There are more pictures from our easter holiday over at my mum's blog (just scroll down a bit).


Ravenhill said...

Your vacation looks like it was wonderful in all that glorious snow! So great for the kids. Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to seeing the poncho and shawl.

eileensattic said...

I've been keeping an eye on your blog hoping that you were going to come back to it! I had only just discovered it before you left for holiday.
I think I would be crazy for little Susie! Your time in the snow looks like so much fun.

Looking forward to seeing your new shawl.

Annemariesquilt said...

Heia ser ut som om dere har hatt det både fint og slitsomt. Vi gikk glipp av snøværet siden vi var på ferie. Flotte bilder fra Bortelid og av jentene dine.
Spennede å se resultatet av ditt nye sjal. Kos deg!