Monday, February 04, 2008

Come to a party!

It's quite unbelievable, but Susie is going to be 1 in a couple of weeks! Where did the time go?

I'm having a small party for her, so yesterday I found my stamps and sat down to make some invites. The three top ones are just different lay-outs I tried out, and as you can see I settled for the left one... well, Maja helped me choose... actually she decided that we were gonna go with that one....
This is what they look like on the inside:
Of course, Maja couldn't resist a chance to use my stamps, so she helped me out. This is what her invites looked like:
I think this one is really nice! (almost nicer than the ones I made....) Don't you just love the rainbow sheep...?

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Lindas Hus.. said...

Hei!Takk for hilsen.Morro å lage kort.Så gøy med bursta til minstejenta,kos dere.Flott å høre at det er ei til der ute som liker
mine yndlingsfarger.Ha en fin kveld!Hilsen Linda :))