Friday, June 02, 2006

I DID it!!!

I finally made a deco!! Yay! Here is the front page:
It's a little book, 10,5 x 10,5 cm. It has 8 pages, so I'm gonna try to get 6 people to work in it.... The first and last page will be used for people to sign the book so I know who has been working in it. The theme is .... well... doh... Owls. I'm sooo excited! I've put it in the Deco flight list over at LMAO, so I hope someone signs up to work in it.... This is fun! Will have to make another one now... I guess I could get addicted....

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V.K. said...

you ROCK!! I'm so excited for you, this is such a beautiful deco, yes I can already tell it is (and I've seen a few decos in my short deco career). I really love that you illustrated the front cover. And it's a gorgeous illo at that!! I can't wait to see it in the reals and thank you for wanting me to work in it too. I can't wait to do that, either. I love this giving and receiving and collaborating art thing, it's so awesome.

My loo rolls are great too by the way. Usually you'd pay about nine dollars instead of five-fifty for a batch that size, so...I really made out like a bandit. A well-wiped bandit 8^)

I REALLY need some sleep so...if I can just get myself to bed without engaging a project beforehand...I feel the pull of the art table though, it is directly behind me...

what are you going to make next?! huh?? HUH?? :-)