Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another week gone....

Where does the time go??? It's been a week since last I updated this spot.... So, what have I been up to?? Hmmm.... Oh, yeah.... I've made another deco. A creepy crawlies deco. I haven't put it up anywhere for people to work in it yet.... guess I'll have to do that.... I made this one from that book I found a bit too small for my first deco. It's just over ATC size.... lets say about....*going to next room to find a ruler to mesure*... 7.5 x 10.5 cm. And here's a picture of the front:

I hope someone will want to work in it... Well, I guess it's up to me in the first place to let people know I have it so they can sign up.... will put it in a flight list somewhere soon me thinks....

I've also signed up for a couple of swaps over at LMAO. I wasn't going to sign up for anything just now since I'm off for my summer holidays soon.... but I couldn't resist... so I've been working a bit on those cards.... will post pics when they are done (or maybe not until the recipient have got them....) It's only 4 cards to send off, so I guess I'll make it before I go to Norway.

I've also received a few things in the post; a few lovely ATCs from different people (pics of them in my yahoo album). I also got a couple of lovely paintings from Kim in Saudi (haven't scanned them yet, but they will be in my yahoo album when I get round to do that...) It's the first time I've gotten something other than ATCs.... very exciting!! Will have to get more into that side of mail art.... maybe sign up for some 4x4 or postcard swaps when I'm back from my hols....?

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V.K. said...

ooh and ahh! I would definitely work in your new deco - I love it! That spider is so alive, and...furry. But it's not freaking me out, and I do that around spiders. Sweet, Tonje! I hope you post it somewhere soon, and I like the small format, compact, a little treasure.

That's so cool, you are getting other kinds of mail art now too. I'm glad you signed up for swapsies even though you're going away on hols for some weeks.

good night..........zzzzzzzzzz