Sunday, March 02, 2008

A pinafore for Susie

I bought a lovely pear fabric at a secon hand shop the other day. I suspect it is vintage, but I can't be sure (how can you really tell??). I like it anyway. The big question was what will I make out of it? I decided on making a cute pinafore for Susie. It was a huuuge piece of fabric, so this little pinafore only dented one corner... so I got plenty left.... hehe... what will I make next?

Ok, so here it is;
It's a bit hard to get Sus to stand still long enough for me to take her photo, but I managed to trap her between the telly and the curtain...

The pinafore crosses over at the back.

Since little monkeys gets easily dirty, I made the pinafore reversible. I paired my pear fabric (!) with this floral fabric.

The shoulder straps just ties on the shoulders (I love this pic by the way). Easy peasy...

And the best thing is; Susie seems to like it. She would stand completely still when I was trying it on to get the pattern to fit her. And she will also stand still long enough for me to tie the straps on her shoulders... she doesn't usually have time for standing still that long.

Now I will have to make something for Maja as well. She's asking for a pinafore like Susie's, but I can't be bothered altering the pattern to fit a 5 year old... I've got something else in mind... stay tuned...

Edit: Woops... I forgot to say that I used this tutorial as a starting point for my pinafore. I've altered the pattern ever so slightly to make it my own though.


Ravenhill said...

The pinafore is darling! I want to start making dresses too! did it take very long to make? Does it have interfacing? It looks so pro!

Annemariesquilt said...

Heia så søt hun ble i det nye "forkle......
Gøy at du du fant det fine stoffet!
Men dette må jo være en flott ide å selge i etsy shoppen din, bare en tanke.
Storesøstere er søte men veldig viktig å huske på dem også.

Lea said...

Hi, Tonje.
What a lovely pinafore that you made. I love this!
I might need to make one for my daughter.*S*
P.S. You have such a lovely model.*S*

Marcie said...

Love your little pinafores and your darling daughter. You have some lovely things posted on your blog. You do nice work!

Linda said...

Hi Tonje,

Thanks for having a look at my blog! I think yours is very interesting and have added you to my bloglines.
Your daughters are very cute!
If you're still making ATCs, would you like to swap one with me?
Greetings from Brisbane,

Anke said...

Hi Tonje, your daughter is such a cutie! I was nice to hear from you again. Have you on my favorite blog list now, so I will stop by once in a while. Love those Pinafore, never seen them before, that is a wonderful idea!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Maja said...