Sunday, October 21, 2007

A dress for Susie

I knitted a dress for Susie a few months back, and just realized I'd forgot to put it on here... I've had this pattern and wanted to knit it for ages, but haven't had anyone to knit for... until Susie came. Even though she's worn it on several occasions, I haven't managed to get a picture of the dress on her... Anyway, here are some pics:

Here I've just started. I had some problems in the beginning because there was a fault in the pattern... I think I knitted this little bit here two or three times.

The skirt is finished:

This is the top before I knitted the edges around the arms and neck:

And finally the finished dress...

I also knitted some bootees to go with it, but haven't got a picture of them either. I will try to get a pic with Susie wearing the dress and socks...
edit: Why does the pictures not get bigger when I click on them????


Paula said...

Hi Tonje! Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog.

You stuff is great too. I just LOVE your beautiful kitting. It's just so darling. That's something I was never any good at.

Take care from down under!

Lynn Mercurio said...

What a beautiful creation. This is a lost art and a real talent. You should be very proud of your project. It's stunning!

ANDREA said...

Hi Tonje, Norwegian Girl! Thanks for coming to my blog so that I can discover your's! I like this sweet little dress,( what a piece of knitting) and all the other different things you are making and interested in!
Have a nice day